1 Apr 2013

Market may open lower

After a long holidays, the Indian markets are opening today. The market has to begin a new April series today. It is expected to see some good upside in this series as this will be the month of companies' results. Since the companies are doing well in their performance as observed in last 2 quarters, this result will also be good as compared to the previous results.
But since the market was down in March and the market capitalization is lost around 30-35% due to the bearish sentiment, this type of bearishness would continue, atleast for some days in this week.
Today the Asian markets are down, it is expected that the Indian markets will open gap down. Some nervousness from political front will also add the negative sentiments till the political picture is clear.
Traders are expected to watch the market careful and trade accordingly. Some midcap stocks will start picking momentum, especially consumer goods segments as this sector do good when the market sentiment is nervous.

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